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Raleigh Retaining Walls is the premier builder of retaining walls in North Carolina. We were founded in 2004, and have since built our business and quality reputation on providing customers with top quality walls at very competitive prices. We place a high priority on creating a superior Retaining Wall Contractors Raleigh NC experience for our customers!
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Retaining Wall Contractors Raleigh NC

Welcome to Retaining Wall Contractors Raleigh NC

Retaining walls in Raleigh, North Carolina are an important tool for managing terrain in commercial developments and large construction projects. They hold back soil on slopes and terraces, prevent erosion, and enable the creation of usable spaces on uneven properties. With Raleigh's climate bringing heavy rains and the potential for storms, retaining walls require advanced planning, high-quality materials, and experienced installation to perform properly over decades. Here we break down our expertise on providing Raleigh retaining walls construction solutions. We evaluate capabilities critical for commercial retaining wall projects like customized design services, complete in-house teams, advanced build techniques for secured walls, and structured management of large-scale installations. We highlight our proven success on past Raleigh retaining wall projects and our ability to handle extensive multi-phase retaining wall projects. 

Trusted Expertise and Experience

  • Experience: We have over 25 years of retaining wall experience in the Raleigh area, providing quality walls with various materials like natural stone, segmental concrete, and timber. Our expertise comes from completing hundreds of local retaining wall projects across different terrains and soils. Customers trust us for structurally sound walls that stand the test of time.

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured: We are a fully licensed and insured local retaining wall supplier company serving Raleigh for over 15 years, experienced in building structurally sound retaining walls for erosion control and yard terracing. Our retaining wall projects leverage engineered designs to account for Raleigh's climate, terrain and soil conditions. We are trusted by both commercial developers for large retaining wall installations as well as residential projects. 

  • Commercial Retaining Walls: We specialize in commercial retaining walls for large developments, equipped to handle extensive retaining wall projects with customized design, high-quality materials, and structured installation process. We employ industry-leading techniques for secured walls that can retain heavy soil loads across expansive developments. We're your trusted expert for the most complex retaining wall projects in the Raleigh NC area.

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Retaining wall contractor Raleigh

Full Range of Retaining Wall Services

Raleigh's Retaining Wall Supplier

We provide turnkey services for Raleigh retaining wall projects, including professional design, customized material selection, and complete construction. Our in-house architects and engineers use advanced software to create optimized plans based on site geography and soil data. We offer material options like architectural concrete, natural stone veneers, and segmental blocks to match customer budget and aesthetics. As a licensed general contractor, we handle permitting and manage retaining wall installs from excavation to backfill.

Raleigh Retaining Walls has an in-house team to consult on site-specific needs, create tailored plans for terrain and soil data, handle permits, and manage installs to meet scope, budget and schedule. Our design-build approach enables seamless coordination across planning, materials procurement, and construction. Raleigh Retaining Walls leverage innovative techniques like geogrid soil reinforcement to create durable, long-lasting retaining walls able to withstand the area's climate.

We leverage strong supplier relationships and industry partners to offer one-stop shop services for retaining wall customers, from initial planning to long-term maintenance. As a turnkey contractor, we provide a dedicated project manager to oversee the retaining wall job, optimize workflow, and ensure on-time, on-budget delivery. Their post-project retainers include periodic structural inspections, preventative repairs, vegetation management, and wall pressure washing.

Here are some of the materials that are commonly used for retaining walls:

Concrete blocks – They are usually gray in color but can be painted in different shades. Perfect for owners on a budget

Stone – A bit more expensive but is very high in appeal.

Brick – Low maintenance and durable.

Retaining wall construction and installation

When the concept is done, all that’s left to do is let us make your vision into a reality. We will secure the materials and do the job onsite. Depending on several factors such as the difficulty of the design, size, and the material that will be used in building your retaining wall, it can take a day or more to finish a project.

Types of retaining walls:

Gravity Walls – The type that is usually used in most small-scale projects and functions to hold the soil in place. Can be made with any material.

Piling Walls – Often made from steel, wood, or precast concrete.

Cantilever Walls – Is L-shaped and consists of a base and stem.

Anchor Walls – This type is usually used as a front base to retain higher loads.


Call the best Retaining Wall Contractors Raleigh NC - (919) 877-6421

Customer Service and Support

We provide white glove project management for retaining wall jobs, with a dedicated supervisor overseeing each build from start to completion. Their project managers ensure seamless communication, prompt issue resolution, and a smooth install process. We also offers a 5-year structural warranty on all retaining walls.

We prioritize communication and collaboration, encouraging customer feedback through all phases. Our account reps conduct regular check-ins during the build to address questions or concerns. Raleigh Retaining Walls also provides multi-year retainers for support beyond project completion, handling any maintenance needs that arise.

We offer the area's best retaining wall warranties and continues support long after project hand-off through multi-year maintenance plans. Our industry-leading structural warranty provides peace of mind on retaining wall integrity. We also assign customers a dedicated Customer Success Manager for 5 years post-project to ensure full satisfaction.

We were voted the best retaining wall contractor for exceptional customer service and have processes ensuring regular communication, prompt issue resolution, extended project oversight, robust warranties, and post-hand-off support. Connecting with us means gaining a long-term partner to meet all retaining wall needs. Our customer-centric approach delivers an unmatched service experience.

Call the best Retaining Wall Contractors Raleigh NC - (919) 877-6421

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